We at Bayou Boys provide hearty, delicious, and authentic Cajun food that delivers a classic “Down the Bayou” taste

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Boudin Balls
Homemade Boudin Balls that are made in house

Swamp Fries
French fries topped with crawfish etouffee, grilled boudin, and melted mozzarella cheese

Marsh Fries
Hand cut french fries covered with roast beef and mozzarella

Crawfish Pisolettes

 small bread loaves stuffed with our crawfish etouffee.

Swamp Balls
Boudin balls smothered in crawfish etouffee, and covered with mozzarella cheese

Fried Gizzards
spicy chicken gizzards fried tender

Po Boy Sandwiches

Convert Po-Boy to Dinner and get a side salad instead of Po-Boy bread

Po-Boys come with lettuce, tomato, pickle (A.K.A. Dressed), choice of side and Dipping Sauce. Our Seafood Po-Boys and Boudin Balls are fried, but can be sautéed at no extra cost.

Fried Shrimp
Lightly battered, wild caught GOM white shrimp

Fried Catfish
Lightly and flaky, oh so tasty

Fried Oyster
We only serve Matagorda Bay oysters

Boudin Ball
Pork and rice mix, fried up crisp

Roast Beef
Slow cooked roast beef and mayo

Smashed patty fried juicy, served with house sauce

Chicken Tender
Crunchy tenders, served with house sauce


Seafood Platter
Oysters, Shrimp, Catfish, choice of side and cup of gumbo

BIG BOY Seafood Platter
DOUBLE Oysters, DOUBLE Shrimp, DOUBLE Catfish, choice of side and cup of gumbo

Blackend Catfish
Blackened catfish on a bed of fried green tomatoes, smothered in crawfish etouffee

Crawfish etouffee
Buttery crawfish etouffee served over a bed of rice

Red beans
A Cajun staple with smoked sausage and rice

Chicken tender basket
4 crunchy tenders, fries, and dipping sauce

Specialty Po-Boys

Cajun Philly Cheese
Roast beef, grilled onions, green peppers, and mayo

The original “stuffed”
Fried shrimp, crawfish etouffee, and mozzarella cheese

Swamp Thing
Boudin balls, crawfish etouffee, and mozzarella cheese


Chicken and Sausage Gumbo
traditional Cajun slow cooked goodness

Half Po-Boy and Cup of Gumbo
Pick any regular half Po-Boy with a cup of gumbo on the side


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Potato Salad

French Fries

Cajun Cabbage

Dinner Salad

Kids Menu

Chicken Tenders with Fries

Grilled Cheese with Fries


Aunt B’s Famous Bread Pudding
Vanilla pudding with vanilla sauce, just simple and unforgettable


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Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Big Red, Sierra Mist, Lipton Lemonade, Sweet tea, Unsweet tea, and Dr.Pepper

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